3RD Tournament of Season 25 starts Saturday, May 4, 2019 at Astor Ramp...
New members welcome so get ready to join us!

The Deltona Small Boat Club started with a handful of adults and teens who wanted some friendly bass fishing competition at our local lakes.

Over the years, the club and the teens have grown, but we have kept the friendly competition and fun. We are not a fishing club for semi-professional or professionals, but if you enjoy fishing with your kids, family and friends you are more than welcome to join us! Thank you all for 25 great seasons of friendship, fishing, and fun!

From left to right, 1st Place-5th Place teams.

SEASON 25: March 2, 2019 Tournament Results:

1st Place: Jessie Twitchell and Colin Caines with 19.64 lbs.
2nd Place: Chris Andrews and Albert Neff with 19.46 lbs.
3rd Place: Anthony Losi and Gino Losi with 19.32 lbs.
4th Place: Randy Grosswald and Donald Newtown with 18.78 lbs.
5th Place: Andrew Grosswald and Sean Curry with 16.02 lbs.
5th Place: Tom Monica with 16.02 lbs.
Big Bass: Chris Andrews with 6.94 lbs.
Deltona Small Boat Club Season 25 April 6, 2019
Tournament at Mullet Lake:

1st Place: Scott Laney and Travis Hansen with 20.42 lbs.

2nd Place: Mike Sikes, Sr. and Steve Combs with 16.36 lbs.

3rd Place: Andrew Grosswald and Sean Curry with 16.30 lbs.

4th Place: Gerald D. Johnson and David Barnes with 15.62 lbs. and they bag the Big Bass with 7.82 lbs.

5th Place: Gino Losi and Chase Goldman with 13.68 lbs.